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Brief Introduction
Pure organic wheatgrass powder is a food made from the cotyledon of a common wheat plant (a subspecies of the wheat family).Wheat flour has been identified as one of the most beneficial dietary supplements ever.Wheat flour supplements can increase energy levels, boost the immune system and reduce the likelihood of certain cancers.Wheatgrass contains almost all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body needs to maintain health.Wheat straw powder is prepared by low temperature drying, dehydration and fine grinding of wheat straw seedling leaves.It is rich in plant protein, chlorophyll, antioxidant enzyme, dietary fiber and other nutritious natural vegetable powder.Wheat leaves contain a large amount of vitamins (such as B1, B2, B3, B6, C), minerals (such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, manganese, zinc) and other nutrients (such as beta-carotene, protein, amino acids, active enzymes).Wheat grass juice powder is a kind of natural juice powder, with obvious liver protection, enhance cell vitality, enhance immunity, delay aging, anti-fatigue and other effects, has become a new raw material in the food, health care products and medicine industry.According to the investigation, the most valuable ingredient in the product is antioxidant starter, and sod - like starter and sod - like starter have attracted much attention from physiology and biochemists.

Product Description
Product NamePure organic wheatgrass powder
Product OriginChina
AppearanceGreen fine powder
Used PartLeaf
Test MethodHPLC
Shelf Life2 Years
SampleFree sample

ItemSpecification Results
AppearanceGreen fine powderComplies
Odor&TasteCharacteristic Complies
Particle Size NTL 95% pass 80meshComplies
Loss on Drying鈮?.0%  2.62%
Sulphate Ash 鈮?.0%  2.46%
Heavy Metals鈮?0ppm锛?0ppm
Pb  鈮?ppm 锛?/span>2ppm
Cd 鈮?ppm 锛?ppm

Total Plate Count锛?0000cfu/g Complies
Yeast & Molds 锛?000cfu/g Complies

1. Wheatgrass is also marketed as sprays, creams, gels, massages and herbal supplements,It can promote the digestion and absorption of important nutrients;
2. A powerful antioxidant, barley grass extract fights environmental stress and reduces aging, and is used by many people to improve their skin by oral administration;
3. It reduces the symptoms of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis;
4. Pure organic wheatgrass powder can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, maintain blood flow, and prevent heart attacks and strokes.
1. Applied in food,beverage field锛?/span>
2 .Applied in health product field锛?/span>
3. Applied in cosmetic field.

1-5kg6-24kgMore than 25kg
Packed in foil bagPacked in paper boxPacked in paper carton

Shipping Terms
By Express By Air By Sea
Suitable for under 50kg
Fast: 3-7 Days
High cost
Door to Door service
Easy to pick Up The goodsSuitable for more than 50kg
Fast: 3-5 days
High cost
Port to port service
Professional broker needed Suitable for more than 50kg
Fast: 7-10days
Low cost
Port to port service
Professional broker neededOrganic Products suppliers
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