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Application for:
- Boiled cooking sausages.
- Hotpot sausages
-Good performance for boiling and frying application, casing have a good combination with the stuffing, and good texture.
Recommendations for use:
-Ready-to-use casing. Do not soak before stuffing;
-Reseal opened packages in an airtight container or bag to prevent moisture loss. To rehydrate, suggest spraying some water or oil before using.
-Work surfaces(tables and stuffing tubes, etc.) that contact with casing should always be sanitary and dry;
Horn size should be less than the casing inner size about 2mm;
The casing will not broken during boiled cooking
The stuffing will not loose after cooking
Good permeability, the excess fat and nitrite can permeate through the casing and dissolve in water.Collagen Casing Free Sample
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