Conveyor Components

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Features: 1.variable-angle trough (groove angle are 20 °, 30 °, 35 °), to ensure that materials can be run  without throwing  expected, scattering materials.
2, Song coerulea tight regulation of institutions, can always keep close to Plowshares tape face, strong  shocks do not shake, beat, is expected to avoid leakage.
3, Spring, vice-plow, so that the plow in pace with tape surface, the second can discharge all of the  powdered material  into the hopper to clean and meet all the requirements of the industry.
4, a unique form (with arc-shaped, triangular, at the end of the triangle), a decrease of materials on the  local impact, discharging  more smoothly.
5, roller group transform trough-shaped sensitive adhesive tape may work with the flat surface, to  ensure that the belt surface and the formation of close to Plowshares.
6, frame composition, the installation crew, maintenance, easy maintenance.
7, photoelectric switch can be installed close to switching and routing switches, so that this machine has a very good device, hand-cranked device can be controlled coerulea ups and downs, too late to be able  to guarantee failure in the maintenance of the normal work, do not delay discharge (Optical switches and switch close to the user  needs to configure).
8, a new type of control box, or the nearest operatives to meet the long-range operations, and program-appropriate.Conveyor Components
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