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MDL-Y Medicine metal separator
Product profile:
German technology, high detection accuracy, specially designed for medicine and health products metal detection machine.
The integrated metal foreign body quickly removes the system and is suitable for the detection of bulk products, even if the metal is sealed in the product.
The metal detector designed for the pharmaceutical industry improves the detection performance, and can detect the fine scrap metal and wire and remove it.
It can be used as a matching tablet, capsule filler and packaging machine.
Have the product effect automatic manual learning function.
Product Parameters:
ApertureOutputSensitivity (Fe)Sensitivity (SUS)
1.Pills and capsules are both used
2.Fine powder products
1.Detection and separation of free-falling material.
2.The material loss can be reduced and the normal production process will not be disturbed by the fast removal of the system.
3.A variety of caliber is available, and the model meets all practical applications(product specifications, Sensitivity requirements, working speed).
4.The features of detected material: Powder material, dry, good fluidity, powder particles.
5.Alarm method: the sound light alarm.
6.Optional anti-static coating.
7.Optional quick connector and air seal flange for quick installation and disassembly.
8.Protection class: IP65.
How to install and use the product?
The product is shipped with an operating instructions and video of English version.
How about the packing for machine, is it safely protected during transportation?
Our machine is packed by standard export wooden box, it won’t be damaged. We’ve delivered many testing.
Can we visit your factory before order?
Yes, we warmly welcome and sincerely invite you or your team to visit our factory, we will help to arrange hotel and pick up you from airport.China Metal Separators
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