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About us
Our History
2011-12 Chengdu office established
2008-10 Guangzhou Office was established
2006-9 Beijing Office established
2005-8 Dongguan Office was established
2002-3 Shanghai office established
2000-5 Shenzhen Office was established
1998-6 World Pece Group Holdings Co., Ltd. was formally incorporated in Hong Kong
1996-8  World Pece Established
Our Factory
Dongguan World Pece Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. The Group's business has developed rapidly in the past 20 years and has become a leading distributor of electronic components in the world. Following the development trend of the global market, the Group has set up offices in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu in Greater China outside Hong Kong headquarters, and set up bonded warehouses in Futian District of Shenzhen and Jinqiao in Shanghai to help the Group expand its China. Market business.
World Pece agent distribution brand is complete, more than 30 brands such as Murata, YAGEO, KEMET, UTC, SAMSUNG, CJ, Uniohm, Rubycon, etc. Products include capacitors, resistors, two transistors, MOS tubes, inductors and other product lines, product applications cover consumer electronics, communications, household appliances, medical equipment, instruments, power, security, military products and so on. From the basics to the core components, it provides customers with the convenience of purchasing one time. And provide a variety of system integration solutions, continue to enhance the breadth of product portfolio and technical capabilities to meet the different needs of customers.
World Pece has always acted as a bridge between suppliers and customers, and has been continuously committed to the overall distribution of the Asia-Pacific electronic parts market. The continuous improvement of service quality and economic scale are continuing to play a comprehensive role. As one of the electronic component distributors in the Asia Pacific region, Shixiang is the ultimate value to satisfy customers, through the industrial structure created by the upstream and downstream customers, to reduce the overall inventory cost and provide the most satisfactory customer service.
Our Product
MLCC   chip resistor   Diode  TCV  MOS    IC
Product Application
Consumer electronics, communications, household appliances, medical devices, meters, power supplies, security, military products, etc.CC1206KKX5R7BB226 in stock
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