Customized Thin Wall Mold

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1.    Introduction
TJ MOULD can make whatever thin wall packaging molds as customers’ high requirements. Thin wall packaging molds can fit on customers’ provided machine specifications.
These products came from thin wall packaging molds we ever made. Let’s introduce this thin wall packaging mold is 4 cavities with YUDO Hot Runner system. The mold material for cores and cavities is ASSAB Sweden S136, HRC52, for mold plates is Germany 2316 stainless steel, Rc30.
It produces thin wall products which are used for food or commodity packaging. Customers can order customized thin wall packaging molds according to their requirements, such as mold material, cavities numbers, cold runner or hot runner and so on.
2.    Specification
3.    Detailed picture
4.    Factory picture
5.    FAQ
①   What is the delivery time of thin wall packaging molds?
For this kind simple mold, it is usually about 60 days.
②   What is the cycle time?
It is approx. 5 seconds.Customized Thin Wall Mold
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